I am an aspiring electronic music producer who is ready to contribute to the development of electronic and orchestral music.

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dj-Clubbin's News

Posted by dj-Clubbin - 1 month ago

Good day to all!

Now I'm changing the design of my account again in honor of the new third season called "The Neon Era". Now there are no cities and other such things. Only minimalism and futurism. However, many people will not like this design because of boredom. But however this is my opinion, and minimalism is really in fashion now. 

During the entire period of the 20+22 season (September 24, 2021 - August 30, 2022), many interesting events occurred that affected my skill and career growth. But I still don't earn money (I don't know anything). 

Here are examples of minimalism in the works (thanks to the popular site for this Renderforest):







My plans for 20+23:

  1. Skill expansion with new genres (like Future Riddim or Pop)
  2. Attracting creativity by labels
  3. Compilation of the album Into The Sound
  4. Even more collaborations
  5. Expanding Creativity in terms of Games (Geometry Dash)
  6. Dubstep Essentials 1
  7. Visiting streaming services and sites (like Fresh Tunes) 

and much more...

I hope that the new season will not fail, and everything that happens during the year will not be done in vain. 

Welcome to the new season 20+23!




Posted by dj-Clubbin - 1 month ago



Posted by dj-Clubbin - August 7th, 2022

Did you think that was it?


But I'll be back anyway)

However, I will not come back the same person I have been all these 2 years. For some time I have to pull up the skill to the ideal in order to return to Newgrounds with new strength. 

1. What to say about "Into The Sound"?

At the moment, the album is abandoned and all tracks were released in advance. Soon I will hide these tracks, and still make "Into The Sound" a collaboration with @Zoftle. At the moment, there are still no members for collaborations in the album, so come what may.


2. Megacollab "Equilibrium"

I do not plan to leave this project, but only 1 part will be present in the collage, which is presented below:

3. My sample pack "Dubstep Essential"

The sample pack is ready, but it will take me some time to make a project in FL Studio (20.8.4). The project should be solo.

4. Label

At the end of July, I thought about creating a label "Clubbin International", but at the moment I can't cope with this task alone. Maybe a contest will be announced about this? Don't know...

As a result, I need help (At the moment I have a lot of debts, and it will take a very long time to get rid of them. Maybe someone will help me, but how can I thank you now?..


Posted by dj-Clubbin - August 5th, 2022

Hello everyone

At the moment I have almost one o'clock in the morning. And at the moment I'm in a not very good situation, because of which I don't want to do music anymore. No, not because of the FrontPage. It's time for me to lay down my arms and give the right to the best Russian-speaking musician to the one you all imitate so much - @TheMusicWarrior. At the moment, the number of subscribers he has is growing at a breakneck pace, and I'm really shocked by this. Because of this, I realize that I was simply not trusted and have not been trusted since the very beginning of the existence of this account. After all, even before I played the role of a freeloader and wanted a lot at once. 

Now, when I am gaining momentum in the skill, I realize that my music is not encouraged by many of this community (not counting those personalities I will give below) and it's sad. After all, Newgrounds is not a platform for audio, since the entire audience is focused on games, and the audio portal was intended for this, but now... Many modern producers just came from Geometry Dash and just got into labels like Disciple or Rushdown. And I'm rotting in this puddle just because I'm a minor moron who lives in poverty. And I will have to wait by the sea for the weather only in the future, when thoughts about music will end, and I will move to a time where I didn't need anything.

"Into The Sound" and "Dubstep Essential" were abandoned only because of my moronism and laziness. I was so tired that I barely wrote the last three tracks. And the competition is high with me now.

I thank the following users, because after all, they have somehow advanced my career, albeit a little:











What will happen next? And then I will have to lay down my arms in front of @TheMusicWarrior, because now it's his turn to be the tsar of the Russian-speaking team Clubbin International. What about me? And I do not know, because the music took me out diagonally, and it became much harder to write new works.




Posted by dj-Clubbin - August 1st, 2022

In early July, the compilation of a secret album began, the name and the tracks themselves are hidden from the layman's eyes, but you can guess it by looking at this drawing (it will seem easy to someone):


At the moment I have 256 subscribers and 173 tracks, a minority of which are not released or not ready. The last two snippets are from this "secret" album, which will include both new and old tracks. One of them participates in a megacollab from @X-ManOfficial, which is called "Equilibrium". The album has only 2 ready-made tracks out of 12, and another one is in the process, but @Zoftle (participating in the megacollab and in the album) is slow, and therefore it will take a long time to wait for the second part in the megacollab and the main track of the album.

One more news concerning the album - I need to take a couple of people for collaborations in the album. We can discuss all the collabs in a personal account in Discord (my discord is dj-Clubbin#6502). 


  1. Experience in writing music - 1.5-2 years
  2. Using FL Studio programs (no higher than 20.8.4) or Ableton Live (no higher than 11.1)
  3. Genres - EDM: Dubstep (Color Bass (Melodic/Future Riddim), Melodic Dubstep, Electro Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, Riddim, Briddim, Animestep), House (Electro, Melodic, Progressive, Future, Bass, Slap, Complextro, Wooble), Future Bass/Future Pop, Drum & Bass (Melodic, Electro, Jump Up DnB, Breakcore); Hiphop (Drill, Trap, Phonk, Lo-fi)
  4. Whitelist in the Newgrounds Audio Portal 
  5. Having a frontpage/daily trophy (optional)

You need to send projects to .wav/.zip (FL Studio) or in .alp/.wav (Ableton Live).

When will it be released? It is unknown, since Dubstep Essential Vol.1 is not finished yet, and there can be no talk about the album, but an approximate release date of the album may be announced over time

with respect




Posted by dj-Clubbin - July 14th, 2022

Today one of my main projects this year is "Dubstep Essential Vol.1" and at the moment this pack is being developed. More than 90% of the entire fleet is ready (there is even a short project in FLP format). All that's left to do is add new presets for Serum and the pack is ready!

What to say about "Dubstep Essential Vol.1" and will Vol.2? In February, when I first started talking about him, I praised him as myself. However, this was just my experiment in synthesizing samples and other elements of sound design that lasted several months. I'm not going to think about "CDE 2", because in the first part everything was not so smooth.

For all the time, only 2 demo versions of the pack were released. They either lacked any elements (effects or presets) or had poor-quality drums. However, I still managed to create a small, but at the level of "Dubstep Essential Samples Vol.1" from Cymatics sample pack.

For now, I will release a preview track from the project that I wrote the other day, and after that I will release the full version of the pack.




Posted by dj-Clubbin - July 11th, 2022

I don't know but why I did not public this?



Posted by dj-Clubbin - July 6th, 2022

The second demo version of the sample pack "Dubstep Essential Vol.1" with a lot of some changes:

  1. Changes in the composition of samples. Some samples have been removed, some have been added, some have been corrected;
  2. New Bass presets for Serum;
  3. The presets for Serum have been renamed: now you can easily determine the type of instrument by their names

The compilation of samples continues, and soon the 3rd Demo version of the sample pack will come, where there will be even more samples and presets.

Clubbin - Dubstep Essential Vol.1 Demo 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UK9e6dWKIvWnxWpY7CA0c6kYqLQsVHO_/view?usp=sharing


Posted by dj-Clubbin - June 21st, 2022






Posted by dj-Clubbin - June 18th, 2022