I am an aspiring electronic music producer who is ready to contribute to the development of electronic and orchestral music.

Artem Lizyakin @dj-Clubbin

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dj-Clubbin's News

Posted by dj-Clubbin - June 14th, 2022

While there are no new ideas for the next tracks, I will release an updated collection of tracks from 2021 "20+21 Remastering Legends". This album will contain all the tracks from "20+21" that have been remastered. Some tracks are very famous, and some came out unsuccessful. Therefore, I selected the 5 most potential works in 2021 and remastered them. Here they are

  1. 20+22
  2. Alpha Cosmos
  3. In Future
  4. Dedicated To All
  5. Severe Frosts

At the moment, these are the only works that need to be restored in mixing and mastering. If there are any works that should be included in "Remastering Legends", write to me in Discord: dj-Clubbin#6502.

All tracks should be released on June 15, 2022 from 2:00 to 10:00. Each track should be released with an interval of 2 hours.





Posted by dj-Clubbin - May 9th, 2022

You can download the archive of the beta version of the sample pack "Clubbin - Dubstep Essential Vol.1" at this link: https://mega.nz/file/PGBEhAjZ#WkAZ51vWEEGimn_rivXFE6pWLGd5y1ctXjGZH2kmKu8

Or https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/download/7ebb6a10af87f634b75ccc50c24f0d49


Posted by dj-Clubbin - April 29th, 2022

Since I can't fix my headphones in any way, I will take wireless Aceline Basic. Or should I take these for $10, focusing on good information?



Posted by dj-Clubbin - April 27th, 2022

My headphones are broken. There will be no new tracks :(


Posted by dj-Clubbin - April 12th, 2022


At the moment, the release of tracks may be suspended due to some circumstances that you know perfectly well. I have encountered this more than once, but at the moment the situation has gone too far, which is why I want to write to you.

The whole problem is that a hard hit started coming in my direction on Newgrounds. This is all due to the fact that my tracks have repeatedly lowered the average score to 3.5 and below. 

Perhaps someone will say that this arrangement is bad. But why even my friends' tracks (@DjLomka, @CHGangBoy05 , @CreatorsStudio) have high marks and even awards, despite their skill? Yes, because some are just unhappy with the fact that I have a special behavior on this site, which is why I was simply thrown back into the category of "Undiscovered Artists". 

And it all started on the very day of September 26, 2021, when the same "Dedicated To All" was released in Newgrounds, which according to our auditions scored more than "Supernova" from @Xtrullor. Just compare them:

  • Unpublished Submission

They differ in skills. And if Xtrullor became famous after 3 years, then I haven't even lasted a year yet. And not only in this minus. After all, there are a huge number of people on the list of participants, which many people did not like anymore. Subsequently, a week later, the track was deleted, exactly a day later it was restored (I made a post about this). 

And after more than a month, everything has already gone-gone. Almost every track had an average score of 3.2-3.8 points. And it went on for two weeks. There was a reason for all this in this forum, where I wanted to get that very cover: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1398018 (after all, it was in it that there was an application for "Dedicated To All"). After my last application, I stopped making any of them for my tracks. After that, I was thrown back into the category of "Undiscovered artists", where I lived there for a day. I would like to quit my career at that time, if not @CHGangBoy05, who returned me the status of an "Approved Artist". 

Everything was going fine until, after a month of rest, problems started in March. After all, then not a single track received a well-deserved rating (with the exception of Soulmate). Requests for covers (which are sent by my subscribers) are ignored. 

Everyone just doesn't like my behavior in Newgrounds, which is why they hang all sorts of heits on me in the form of low ratings and other things. What do you think about this, and should I continue writing music for the sake of my subscribers?


Posted by dj-Clubbin - March 26th, 2022

At the moment, my career is dominated only by such genres as Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop. Someone likes this situation. And someone wants to go back to the roots - the times of Trance, EDM and Melodic Dubstep.

Journey EP is a collection of tracks taken from the genres of EDM and Melodic Dubstep. It uses elements from the beginning of my career, as well as my new style.

Regarding "Dubstep Essential": the demo should be released in April-May

Journey EP:




Posted by dj-Clubbin - March 7th, 2022

My first sample pack, which I've been agonizing over for a long time. All the sounds were synthesized in more complex synthesizers and tuned to the desired sound. This sample pack is small, but good for creating full-fledged tracks.

Atmospheric breakdown loops, modern basses and drops in the genre of Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep and Deathstep, created according to modern standards. Drums are carefully selected: barrels, snares, claps, hats and many components. The quality assurance may not correspond to the proposed facts. So all questions about this sampler for now you can ask me personally in Discord: dj-Clubbin#6502






Posted by dj-Clubbin - February 5th, 2022

My first EP in my career is Zodiac. Inspired by the success of many professional producers, the mini-album will be released on Newgrounds, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Tracks released in the album:

1. Zodiac;

2. The Devil;

3. Aquarius;

This album was created under the influence of the orchestra on electronic music, thereby giving a more epic atmosphere. Live violins, piano and choir complement the breakdowns, accompanying them throughout the track.

I hope you enjoy my new mini album.

Zodiac EP:



Posted by dj-Clubbin - January 15th, 2022

Hello everyone 

A question for everyone - who does NOT want to participate in the "Dedicated to All" project? Since its release, the track has received almost 30,000 listens. Be honest - who is really going to leave this project?

More: despite the fact that I am a gifted artist, this track got into the "Undiscovered". What is the reason?


Posted by dj-Clubbin - January 3rd, 2022